What is scorm-NEXT?

If your company is a content publisher or a training consultancy and sells a catalogue of elearning content, you’ll probably have your own LMS. This LMS is where your courses are hosted and licences are allocated to your small and medium-sized clients….

But what if you have clients with their own corporate LMSs who want to access content from your catalogue directly from their platforms?

Currently, your only option is to physically deliver the content to them, but in doing so, you’ll lose control over how many licences are used and how your content is used…

Our “scorm cloud” solution is the perfect solution for this problem, because it allows you to distribute your content remotely to your clients’ elearning platforms through a licensing system or scorm cloud. In other words, you’ll be able to control at all times how many students view your content and for how long, for each of your clients.

Esquema de nuestra solución scorm cloud

With our scorm cloud solution your content always remains safe in the cloud and under your complete control. These are stored in the repository and your clients access them remotely. They never receive the original content. In this way, you’ll have full control over who accesses your content and for how long.

When you distribute your courses through your clients’ LMSs, you won’t have to send the original SCORM packages with all the content, but a redirect packet (SCORM connector) created via scorm-NEXT. Therefore, if you update content, you only need to do so in the scorm-NEXT repository.

How does scormNEXT work?


Repositorio de contenidos scorm cloud

Store all your SCORM packages (courses, presentations, exercises, etc.) centrally in the repository in the scormNEXT cloud.

Learn about the Repository in detail


Catálogo de cursos scorm cloud

Design your product catalogue by combining SCORM content from the repository to distribute it remotely to your clients’ LMSs.

Learn about the Catalogue in detail


Gestión de clientes remotos de scorm cloud

Register your clients’ LMS platforms in scormNEXT to give them access to a product catalogue or specific learning paths to students on these platforms.

Learn about Client Management in detail


Informes y seguimiento de scorm cloud

Monitor the tracking of your clients and view reports to see how their students are progressing. You also have comprehensive reports and reports for each client…

Learn about Tracking and Reports in detail

We comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

WelcomeNext is a Spanish company that strictly complies with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation.

Likewise, our scorm cloud solution, our servers and databases where personal data is hosted, are located in Data Centres in Europe. These Data Centres also comply with all the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation.

Cumplimos con la RGPD

Supported elearning platforms (LMSs)

Our scorm cloud connectors are compatible with any standard LMS that meets the SCORM 1.2 standard.

Discover our scorm-cloud solution

Take a quick tour of scormNEXT. In this video you will discover how:

> To upload your SCORM content to the cloud

> To create your product catalogue: courses, training pills, etc.

>To register the LMSs of your remote clients

> To send SCORM connectors and set up licences for each client

> To view SCORM content remotely in an external LMS


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