If you want to send us a feature suggestion, you can send an e-mail to mejoras@welcomenext.com with a full explanation of what features would you like for scormNEXT.

As we plan new features, we take our client’s requests into consideration. We follow this procedure:

1) First, we see if the request is currently possible, and we let you know if there’s a way to achieve your goal.
2) If the request isn’t currently supported, we estimate the value it could bring to our products.
3) If a request adds value, we submit it to our product development team for review.
4) Our development team gauges the impact of the request. Will it benefit many of our customers?
5) If the request is approved, we add it to the development pipeline where it gets designed, developed, and tested.
6) When the feature is ready, we release it and announce its arrival.