The following is a detailed description of the billing process and the costs of scorm-NEXT:

  • Upon signing the scorm-NEXT contract, the client must pay an invoice for registration in the service for an amount of € 150 + VAT. Said payment will be made by bank transfer to the account specified in that first invoice. This amount will be deducted from the following monthly bills for the service.
  • On the first business day of each month, WELCOMENEXT will extract the count of active users * who have accessed some content during the previous month. At that time an invoice will be issued taking into account the scorm-NEXT price table. In case of having less than 100 active users, a minimum rate of € 75 will be billed. In the event of having more than 100 active users, the corresponding rate per user will be billed according to the corresponding section in the price table. These invoices will be paid by direct debit to the CLIENT’s account.
  • Each section of the price table includes an amount of available disk space to store SCORM content. In case of needing more space than corresponds in the section, the CLIENT must pay an extra fee of € 5 + VAT for each additional 10Gb.