This article regulates the security measures of the information systems and of the personal data used during the provision of the scormNEXT service in the CLIENT.

The scormNEXT service complies with the provisions of current personal data protection regulations. For the provision of the scormNEXT service, WELCOMENEXT must have access to the personal data hosted on this system. This access is not considered communication of the data.

The CLIENT is responsible for the files used for the provision of the scormNEXT system service while WELCOMENEXT is responsible for the treatment of the files.

In carrying out its maintenance work, WELCOMENEXT will limit your access to personal data to what is necessary for the execution of the contract and will strictly observe the current regulations on the protection of personal data.

WELCOMENEXT may subcontract the hardware servers where it will host the services provided. Based on the personal data protection regulations, the CLIENT accepts and authorizes the personal data deposited in the scormNEXT system to be stored on devices outside the CLIENT and WELCOMENEXT premises, where the corresponding level of security will be guaranteed. to the type of file treated.

Only personnel authorized by the WELCOMENEXT security manager, as well as the maintenance personnel of the company subcontracted for the hardware hosting, may have access to the places where the physical equipment is installed.


Roles and obligations of WELCOMENEXT staff

The analysts / programmers of the WELCOMENEXT team as well as the systems technicians will have access to the scormNEXT system and the data contained in it, who will carry out the following tasks:

  • Incident management.
  • Hardware and software maintenance of the systems.
  • Carrying out security activities.
  • Making and backup copies of the system and stored data.
  • Putting the programming code into production.
  • Coding and testing in the system.


Backup copies

Daily backup copies will be made of the entire scormNEXT system used by the CLIENT, as well as its specific configuration, at the same time copies of all the information stored in the system (databases, documents, etc.) will be made.

The backup copies will be transported by a communications network with certain security measures and secure protocols.

Backups will be made every day between ZERO HOURS (00:00) and FIVE HOURS (05:00) in the morning, time in which the service can operate in conditions lower than the normal service level.

WELCOMENEXT will store daily backups for a maximum period of 7 days.