scorm-NEXT is compatible with the SCORM 1.2 (RTE3) standard, that is, it can store and distribute any content that is packaged and programmed according to the specifications of said standard.

When uploading SCORM content to the scorm-NEXT platform, keep the following aspects in mind:

  • The contents must be packaged in a compressed file in ZIP format (version 6.3.0 or higher) without a password, which once decompressed will contain in its root the file “imsmanifest.xml” (always in lower case) and the rest of files and folders necessary for the correct execution of the course.
  • The content of the file “imsmanifest.xml” must be encoded in UTF-8 Unicode, and such encoding must be indicated at the beginning of the file. In addition, it must contain:
    1. The “schema” and “schema_version” fields, documented by ADL.
    2. A single entity «Organization» that encapsulates the different Activities that make up the structure of the course (of type “sco” or “asset”). Otherwise, the system will prevent the import of the SCORM package on the platform.
  • The content must be based solely on static files (HTML, CSS, XML, Javascript, Flash …) and that must be encoded in UTF-8 Unicode. The contents cannot be based on files with server languages ​​such as ASP, Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, etc.
  • The trace generated by the courses (especially the “cmi.suspend_data” field) must contain only valid UTF-8 Unicode characters.
  • Courses can contain a single activity (of type “sco” or “asset”) or multiple activities, whether they are nested or not.
  • The courses must not contain Javascript errors in any of the browsers mentioned above.