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(SCORM dispatch packages)

With scormNEXT you can create the course catalogue that will be available to your remote clients.

This catalogue is created based on the content you’ve uploaded to the scormNEXT Content Repository. From here, you can manage all your products and download the SCORM dispatch packages (SCORM connectors) and then deliver them to your clients that have their own LMS.

scormNEXT scorm cloud products catalogue


For each product you create you’ll be able to download its corresponding SCORM connector to deliver it to your clients.

scormNEXT dispatch packages (SCORM connectors) are compatible with the SCORM 1.2 / SCORM 2004 and xAPI standards. This means that you’ll be able to distribute it to any client that has an LMS that’s compatible with SCORM 1.2 or SCORM 2004.


Organise all your products in an easy and intuitive way, just like in the Content Repository.

You’ll be able to create a tree of folders or categories and place your products in an orderly and easy to locate way.


When creating products, you can combine different content from the repository.

That means you can create as many combinations, variants or learning-paths as you wish. This will make your catalogue more flexible!


When creating SCORM dispatch packages (connectors) for your products, you can modify the SCORM package parameters from scormNEXT.

You’ll be able to modify the sequencing (or prerequisites) of the SCORM package, the cutoff score, etc.

Easy to use

If your course has multiple content elements, when you download the SCORM dispatch package (connector) you’ll have two options:

You can download a single multi-SCO SCORM connector, or you can download separate SCORM connectors for each of the elements (SCO) of your course.

Discover our scorm-cloud solution

Take a quick tour of scormNEXT. In this video you will discover how:

> To upload your SCORM content to the cloud

> To create your SCORM dispatch packages (connectors): courses, training pills, etc

> To register the LMS of your remote clients

> To send SCORM dispatch packages and set up licences for each client

> To view SCORM content remotely in an external LMS

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scormNEXT scorm cloud clients licenses

Register your clients’ LMS platforms in scormNEXT to give them access to a product catalogue or specific learning paths to students on these platforms.


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