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You can perform full end-user tracking through the scormNEXT administration tool.

Know at all times which users are accessing which products from your course catalogue, as well as their progress. Keep track of the licences used for each client and export your reports to PDF.

scormNEXT scorm cloud reports and tracking

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  • scormNEXT scorm cloud reports and tracking

Discover our scorm-cloud solution

Take a quick tour of scormNEXT. In this video you will discover how:

> To upload your SCORM content to the cloud

> To create your SCORM dispatch packages (connectors): courses, training pills, etc

> To register the LMS of your remote clients

> To send SCORM dispatch packages and set up licences for each client

> To view SCORM content remotely in an external LMS

Explore the other features of scormNEXT…


scormNEXT scorm cloud repository

Store all your SCORM packages (courses, presentations, exercises, etc.) centrally in the repository in the scormNEXT cloud.


scormNEXT scorm cloud products catalogue

Design your course catalogue by combining SCORM content from the repository to market and distribute it remotely to your clients’ LMSs.


scormNEXT scorm cloud clients licenses

Register your clients’ LMS platforms in scormNEXT to give them access to a product catalogue or specific learning paths to students on these platforms.